Gypsy Vanner Events &Appearances



Kuchi - Show results 2009                       

Ocala Winter dressage 1/19/09                         Test 1-1-3rd Place

                         Test 1-1-3rd Place

Zada Cup Orlando 2/14/09-2/15/09                         Test 1-4-5th Place

                         Test 1-1-4th Place

Twice as Nice Dressage 2/28/09-3/1/09                         Test 1-1-5th Place

                         Test 1-1-7th Place

Heidelburg Cup 3/28/09-3/29/09                         Test 1-1-1st Place

                         Test 1-4-5th Place

May Day Qualifier 5/9/09-5/10/09                         Test 1-4-5th Place

                         Test 1-4-5th Place

Hot Summer Nights 6/13/09-6/14/09                         Musical Freestyle 1st Level - 3rd Place

                         Musical Freestyle 1st Level - 5th Place

Summer Sizzler I 7/4/09-7/05/09                         Test 1-1-3rd Place

                         Test 1-1-5th Place

Horse Shows in the Park Dressage 9/19/09                         Musical Freestyle Level - 2nd Place


Gyspy Feathered Classic 10/13/09-10/14/09                         Gyspy Mare - 4th Place

                         Color Class - 3rd Place

                         North American Bred - 3rd Place

                         Showmanship - 3rd Place

                         Dressage Suitability - 1st Place

                         Ground Obstacles - 5th Place

                         W/T Ground Poles - 1st Place

                         Favorite Gait - 1st Place

                         English WTC - 1st Place

                         Equitation WT - 1st Place

                         Equitation WTC - 1st Place

                         Dressage Suitability - 1st Place

                         Gyspy Costume - 1st Place

Wellington Dressage Classic 10/21/09-10/24/09                         Test 2-2-1st Place

                         Test 2-1-3rd Place

Orlando Winter Classic 12/12/09-12/13/09                         Test 2-1-1st Place

                         Test 2-2-3rd Pl

                       Kuchi's Demos and Appearances 2009

February 2009:

    Florida State Fair - Demo

    HITS in Ocala, FL - Demo with The Gypsy King

April 2009:

    Equine Affair Ohio - Demo and Breed Booth.

    Florida Horse Park Spring Event - Demo

May 2009:

    Ocala Livestock Pavilion (Farm Credit Horse Education Day) - Demo

July 2009:

    Breyerfest, Kentucky Horse Park - Kuchi was invited by Breyer to perform demos and be on display for 4 days for the public to view and have photos taken with her Breyer Model. Her photo and story was published in the Kentucky newspaper and several Breyer articles. Kuchi proudly represented The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.

September 2009:

    Orlando Film Festival - Demo for Mark Barrett film.

December 2009:

    International Jumping Event and Gala - Demo

Feb 6 & 7

We attended GVHS Annual meeting in Lexington , KY. It was an

enjoyable weekend.

Feb 7 & 8

Fl State Fair Carriage Show

Progressive Obstacles Pair/Multiples -class 12

WR Pie, Sky (Vanilla Swirl), Esmeralda & Jasmine won 1st place.

Hazards Pairs/Multiples -  class 16

WR Pie, Sky (Vanilla Swirl), Esmeralda & Jasmine won 1st place.

Pick Your Own Route Pairs/ Multiples - class 20

WR Pie, Sky (Vanilla Swirl), Esmeralda & Jasmine won 1st place.

Reinsmanship Pairs/Multiples class 24

WR Pie, Sky (Vanilla Swirl), Esmeralda & Jasmine won 1st place.

Cones Pairs/ Multiples class 28

WR Pie, Sky (Vanilla Swirl), Esmeralda & Jasmine won 1st place.

Feb 22. 2009

Jasmine, Essy, Pie & Sky show as a 4 in Hand at the FL State Expo at Gloria Austins. WR wins 3 blue ribbons & 3 second place. We won Reserve Grand Champion for the weekend.


Kuchi attended a Breed Expo at H.I.T.S. in Ocala, FL with The Gypsy King (her sire).

Feb 2009

Breyer annouces Kuchi as the 2009 Gypsy Vanner Model.  See you in Kentuky this July.

Kuchi’s shows

Feb 14 -15, 2009 ZADA Cup at Clarcona Horse Park, Orlando

First Level test 1 - 61%  = 4th place

First Level test 4 - 55%  = 5th place

Feb 28/ Mar 1, 2009 Twice As Nice Dressage, Canterbury Showplace, Newberry FL

First Level test 1 - 64%  = 5th place

First Level test 4 - 59%  = 7th place

March 2009

March 8, 2009   WR Ranch with Esmeralda, Jasmine, Pie & Sky performed with the 4 in Hand at the Mercedes-Benz Little Everglades Steeplechase.  It is is named the Best Attraction of 2009! Over 13,000 people attended.



Feb 13, 2008

       We attended the FL State Fair with Pie, Sky & Kuchi.

Feb 23, 2008  

Bill & I attended the annual Gypsy Vanner Horse Society meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. It was a lot of fun. Many wonderful changes and events will be happening in 2008.

April 11-13, 2008

We will be attending the Ohio Equine Affaire with Panda & Kuchi. Please stop over and say hello. For more info go to:

August 2008

The 2008 Gypsy Vanner Horse calendars were released. Pie & Sky are the cover & Panda is Miss January.

September 2008

Panda & Esmeralda attend the 3rd annual “Horses Helping Cats and Dogs!  We raise $11,000 for Friends For Life. We are in 3 major newspapers & on local TV. The crowds love our girls! It was fun for all.

October 2008***  Good News

Kuchi is selected to be a Breyer Model. This is so exciting! We are so proud of Kuchi and our trainer, Heather Caudill.  Thanks to everyone for helping to make our dreams come true!  Lynn Palm is riding Kuchi while Heather has her new baby. Good Luck Heather.

November 14-16, 2008

Panda, Essy, Jasmine, Trillium & Kuchi attended the Ocala Expo. We had our bow top wagon that Essy pulled with Bob Giles & Dave. Jasmine also pulled a wagon. It was a wonderful show. We met lots of new people. Look for photos on our web site. The Folk family brought our WR Toy’s Joy. She looks wonderful. **Heather had a health baby boy named Ethan the following Wednesday.** Congratulations Heather!WR Ranch is on the cover of The Equine Journal.

December 22, 2008

Come see us at Gloria Austin’s for a Christmas coming out party. Look for our 4 in hand Gypsy Vanner Team. It will be Essy, Jasmine, Pie & Sky. Plus Heather with  Kuchi.

Below are Kuchi’s achievements in 2008

Kuchi      2008 Shows and Events

Jan 19 - 20     Versatility Challenge, FL Horsepark FL

                                              Level 1                            11th place

Jan 26 - 27     Ocala Winter Dressage, FL Horsepark FL

                                              Training Test 1                  1st place

                                              Training Test 2                  3rd place

Mar 8 - 9        Ocala Winter Dressage, FL Horsepark FL

                                             Training Test 2                    4th place

                                             Training Test 4                    4th place

Mar 29 - 30      Versatility Challenge, FL Horsepark FL

                                              Level 1                               3rd place

                                              Level 2                               7th place

Apr 5 - 6          Dressage on The First Coast, Jacksonville FL

                                               Training Test 4                   3rd place

May 10 - 11     May Day Qualifier, Canterbury Showplace FL

                                               training Test 4                      5th place

                                               first Test 1                           2nd place

June 14 - 15     Good Horseman Dressage Show, GA

                                               First Test 1                  3rd place

                                               First Test 2                 1st place

                                               First Test 3                  1st place

July 5 -6          Summer Sizzler 1, Canterbury Showplace FL

                                                Maiden/Yeld IN-Hand           6th

                                                First Test 1                         2nd

Aug 9 -10        Summer Sizzler 2, Canterbury Showplace FL

                                               First Test 1                           1st

                                               First Test 1                            4th


September 6 - 7   SportHorse Breed Show, Canterbury FL

                                               Maiden/Yeld                           7th

                                               Maiden/Yeld                           8th                                


Happy New Year From WR Ranch!

                Look for us in the “Gypsy Vanner 2007 Horse Calendar by Mark J. Barrett!” WR Panda Rose is Ms January and WR Tinkerbell is Ms May. This is the Premier Edition and we are very excited to be a part of it. Congratulations Mark .

WR Tinker Toy is in the Barnes and Noble 2007 Calendar

Emmy Lou is Ms February in “Romancing The Horse!”

Jan 13, 2007   Esmeralda, Kuchi and ER were at the Continental Acres Carriage Show. Over 5000 people visited the event. It was a fabulous show and our booth and horses were crowded with curious people.

    Kuchi’s winnings in 2007

Jan. 20 - 21st Ocala Winter Dressage Show (Florida Horse Park, FL)

               Intro B - 1st place

               Training 1 - 1st place

Feb. 3 - 4th America Concours Dressage Show (Fox Lea Farm, Vennice, FL)

               Training 1 - 3rd place

               Training 2 - 4th place

Mar. 3 - 4th Twice as nice Dressage show (Canterbury Showplace, FL)

               Training 1 - 5th place

               Training 2 - 4th place

April 7 -8th Dressage on the First Coast (Jacksonville, FL)

                  Demo only no competition

April 14 -15th Gold Coast Grand Finale 1 + 2 (West Palm Beach, FL)

                  Demo only no competition

July 28 Canterbury Schooling Dressage Show (Canterbury Showplace, FL)

                  Training 2 - 3rd place

Aug. 10-12th Ohio State Fair Gypsy Vanner Horse Show (Columbus, OH)

                   Mares 3yr and older - 7th place

                    All Seats Equitation - 6th place

Aug. 25 - 26th Suncoast Sunburn classic 1 + 2 (Tampa, FL)

                    Training 4 - 7th place

                    Training 4 - 8th place

Sep. 22 -23 Dressage at Fence (Tryon, NC)

                    Training 4 - 5th place

                    Training 4 - 12th place

Oct 14th Feathered Horse Classic (Perry GA)

               3 year and older - 1st

                Champion Mare halter

               Color class - 2nd

               North American bred - 1st

               English WT - 1st

                English WTC - 1st

               Dressage suitability - 2nd

                Equitation all seats - 1st


Oct 20 - 21st Region 3 dressage Championships and Southeast Dressage Competition

(ocala, FL)

                   Training 2 - 1st place

                   Training 3 - 5th place

Nov. 17 - 18th Equine Capital Expo (Ocala, FL)

                Wind Rider Versatility Competition - champion 1st place


We are in 5 published calendars

“Romancing The Horse”  Panda is Ms February.

“Horse Feathers”  Esmeralda is Ms April.

“Horses” Barnes and Noble  Tinker Toy is Mr. June.

Barnes & Noble Daily Calendar   Tinker Toy is in October.

GVHS Calendar  Panda And Petal are the month of February

Kuchi has been in so many calendars it would take too long to list.

Panda and Kuchi are in “The Cube Book of Horses”

Esmeralda represents the Gypsy Vanner breed in “The Handbook of Breeds Book.”

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these publications.

February 2006   GVHS Meeting in Las Vegas    Vanner Advantage Winners - Our horses competed against the 300 plus registered Gypsy Vanner Horses in 2005. This program awards points to Gypsy Vanner Horses for participating in events that help to promote the breed.  WR Cutie Pie won 9th place, Tinker Toy won 7th place and Panda won 4th place. Congratulations to all the winners. 2005 was a fabulous year!

February 2006      Forum Newspaper ran an article on our Gypsy Vanner Horses and our Ranch in Parkland.

March 2006   Parkland Gazette Newspaper places our Horses on the front page of their Parkland newspaper.

March 17-19, 2006   Live Oak Show in Ocala, FL    WR Rose Petal and Heaven have a

      presentation arena and attract hundreds of fans. We also have a colt born Saturday morning at 5:30. His name is “WR Esperanzo.”  He is born from a recipient mare. His bloodline is Esmeralda x Latcho Drum. It is an exciting weekend!

April 1, 2006   “WR April Rose” is born. She is beautiful! She is born from a recipient mare. Her bloodline is WR Panda Rose x Latcho Drum. Panda is so proud!!

April 22-23, 2006  FL Horse Park  Ocala, FL  “The First Annual Festival Of The Horse”

WR Ranch is choosen to represent the Gypsy Vanner Breed. Esmeralda drives a Gypsy wagon in a Breed Demo. Kuchi is shown in hand and ER is ridden. It is a fabulous performance. A photo of Esmeralda driving a Gypsy wagon makes the front page of the Ocala Star-Banner Newspaper. We are invited to return in 2007.

April 28, 2006     “WR The King’s Curtain Call” is born. He is born from a recipient mare. His bloodline is WR Panda Rose x The Gypsy King. He is AKA “Connor” and will make a fabulous stallion! You could not have better bloodlines!

April 29, 2006   Parkland Dressage Show in Parkland FL.  Tinkerbell’s first time at an event. She is entered in introductory Level A and B Dreessage. She takes first place in both. Congratulations Tinkerbell. We are very proud of you!

May 2006  Esmeralda & Katie Rumsey appear in 6 major horse magazines. The ads are full page and advertising Farnam Horse Products. You can see the ads in Practical Horsemen, Western Horsemen, Horse & Rider, Equus and Equus Special Issue Spring 2006. Congratulations Katie and Esmeralda.

May 20, 2006   Heart Of A King is born!  Panda Rose and The Gypsy King have a colt with a perfect heart on his chest. He is well behaved and brilliant.

June 2006   Esmeralda and Katie Rumsey appear in the Cashiers and Highsland, NC newspaper. The article shows a wonderful photo of Katie astride Esmeralda.

June 2006   Panda and WR Heart Of The King appear in the Cashiers, NC newspaper  announcing Heart’s birth. The photos show the perfect heart on his chest.

July 2006    Pie & Sky show at the Raleigh Equine Extravaganza with Danny to drive..

Go to for info.

July 2006     Tinkerbell shows dressage for the first time and wins 2 first place ribbons. A huge crowd follows her out of the show ring to find out  the breed of horse. We thought of making a sign- “This is a Gypsy Vanner!”

July 11, 2006  Tinker Toy will perform with Phil Rogers at the NC Equine Extravaganza in Raleigh.  For more info go to

August 2006    We purchase Vanilla Swirl She looks like Pie’s twin. We plan on driving them together.  Her barn name is Sky. Look for us in JAX.

September 2006     Kuchi & Tinkerbell continue to show in dressage. Tinkerbell scores 74% and wins High Point  for the show. Go Belly!!

October 2006  Kuchi won Grand Champion Halter Class at the Gypsy Feathered Horse Classic in Perry, GA on October 15, 2006. It was like watching a Miss America contest, there were so many beautiful horses.

October 22, 2006   WR Tinkerbell shows Dressage in Parkland, Fl. She receives a 65% & 70% , placing FIRST  in both classes. She is currently in Intro Level but now will move up to Training Level.  We are so proud. Everyone loves to clap for her.

October 29, 2006     Kuchi appears at STRIDE Dressage Schooling Show and receives a 63% in Into A with second place out of 6 horses. The crowd loves her.

November 5, 2006   Kuchi wins two First Place Blue Ribbons at The Canterbury School of Dressage Show. Her scores were 68% and 76%. She also won High Point for the day! Many people followed Kuchi to find out about the breed. We are so proud of Kuchi and our trainer Heather Caudill!

November 2006    November 17-19 at the FL Equestrian Event!!  We brought Esmeralda, Kuchi & WR Esperanzo. Esmeralda drove our 90 year old Bow Top Gypsy wagon in the opening event along with Kuchi & ER Gypsy. The weekend had perfect weather and we met lots of new people. Esperanzo was sold to Terry & Larry Cook. They also purchased WR The King’s Curtain Call from Mountain View Vanner Ranch. Congratulations to all.

November 19, 2006   WR Tinkerbell shows Dressage in Parkland. Her scores are 65% and 67%. She wins 2 first place blue ribbons and High Point for the show.

December 10, 2006    Once again Kuchi wins two blue ribbons at the Canterbury Schooling Dressage Show. Her scores were:  Intro A - 73%   Intro B - 72%.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


April 2005  The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel publishes a wonderful article on the birth of WR Rose Petal.  Rose Petal is also on television.

June 2005   Pie and Cutie Pie attend “Horse Day” in Landrum, South Carolina. We are invited to represent the Gypsy Vanner Breed. Most people had not yet seen a Vanner and are thrilled to meet us.

August 2005   Tinker Toy, Cutie Pie, Pie and Esmeralda are part of a horse show that raised $12,000 for a local animal shelter. Mark Barrett allows us the put the Vanner photos in the newspaper that helps draw more than 300 people to see this unique breed and to raise the money.

November 17, 2005  Jacksonville, Florida   Esmeralda is in a televised parade opening the Florida Equine Celebration Event. The news lady rides Esmeralda as she broadcasts her report. Esmerada admires her high heel and treated it like a carrot.

November 18-20, 2005   Jacksonville, Florida   Panda, Kuchi, Pie and Esmeralda attend the Florida Equine Celebration and represent the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. Mary Graybeal and Linda Tweedie join us and bring their beautiful Gypsy Vanner Horses. It is an exciting weekend.


February 5-16 2004       Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. Tinker Toy  shows and represents the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.

Summer 2004    At the South Carolina Draft Horse Show, Pie’s very first show, she places first for Log Skidding and second in the Halter Class.

August 2004   Tinker Toy visits Camp Merriwood in Cashiers, N.C., where he performs tricks and does a Natural Horsemanship demo with Phil and Donna Rogers.

November 21-23 2004   At the 2004 Florida Equine Celebration,  Tinker Toy, Kuchi and Puddin represent the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. Phil Rogers and Tinker Toy are selected to perform on Grand Opening Night. The Mayor of Jacksonville is in the audience.

December 27-28 2004 Green Cove Springs, Florida,  Tinker Toy performs and wows the crowd at the Stallion Showcase.


August  2003     Robert Tino paints Panda and decides to to sell limited edition prints in his galleries.

September 13-14, 2003     Tinker Toy performs a demo with Phil Rogers on Natural Horsemanship at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in Asheville, N.C.

November 2003        “The Laurel Magazine” publishes an article about our Gypsy Vanner Horses and our North Carolina Ranch.

Winter 2003       Panda and Tinker Toy appear in “The Coloured Horse Enthusiast”  in England.

November 2003      Esmerada’s first foal is the centerfold for “Horse Illustrated Magazine.”


2002 Ohio Equine Affaire     Tinker Toy and Phil Rogers wow the crowd with tricks and demos representing the Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed.

Summer 2002     Panda is the cover of “The Coloured Horse Enthusiast” in England.

July 2002       Tinker Toy is featured in “The Calendar,” a South Carolina magazine.

July 2002     Tinker Toy is the cover of “Our Town News,” a Parkland newspaper.

September 2002       Panda is the cover of “Horse Drawn News!”

November 2002 Massachusetts Equine Affaire       Tinker Toy and Phil Rogers

          perform a Natural Horsemanship demo and represent the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. It is a huge success.

Live Oak Show 2006.
Live Oak Show 2006.
WR Rose Petal & Heaven.
WR Rose Petal & Heaven.
Kuchi is Grand Champion!
Kuchi is Grand Champion!
Gypsy Feathered Horse Classic
Gypsy Feathered Horse Classic
She is a Star! Thanks Heather.
She is a Star! Thanks Heather.
Kuchi in Dressage with Heather.
Kuchi in Dressage with Heather.
Wendy and Panda.
Wendy and Panda.
Panda doesn’t like to wait!  :)
Panda doesn’t like to wait! :)
Katie and Esmeralda.
Katie and Esmeralda.
Starbuck & Petal Pooped!
Starbuck & Petal Pooped!
Phil Rogers in Ohio.
Phil Rogers in Ohio.
Steve Bowers with Esmeralda.
Steve Bowers with Esmeralda.
Tinkerbell in Parkland.
Tinkerbell in Parkland.
She won High Point for the show!
She won High Point for the show!
Fan club!
Fan club!
Essy & Connor
Essy & Connor
A Gypsy daughter!
A Gypsy daughter!
A Gypsy Family.
A Gypsy Family.
We want to be in the show!
We want to be in the show!
Essy with her Dad.
Essy with her Dad.
Kuchi & Connor.
Kuchi & Connor.
Essy in Jacksonville.
Essy in Jacksonville.
Essy again!
Essy again!
Cutie Pie in Landrum.
Cutie Pie in Landrum.
WR  Esperanzo
WR Esperanzo
Joy won Reserve Champion at her first show!!!!
Joy won Reserve Champion at her first show!!!!
I am so happy for Ariel.
I am so happy for Ariel.
Joy & Ariel showing all their winnings!
Joy & Ariel showing all their winnings!
Joy was a very good girl!!
Joy was a very good girl!!
Ariel riding Panda.
Ariel riding Panda.
Meetiing a new member of WR.
Meetiing a new member of WR.