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  Gypsy Vanner Horses, Bill & Wendy Ricci Welcome You!

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Both WR Ranch and our love affair with the Gypsy Vanner Horses began in 1998.

In that year, Wendy's brother and his wife, neighbors of the Thorups, took us

to see Esmeralda and Jasmine, two of the first sixteen  famous Gypsy Vanner

Horses ever imported to this country.   Thus began our search for the perfect

Gypsy Vanner of our dreams, and not until 2002 did we find her.  In that year, we

imported the incomparable Panda Rose from England.  Although we've

added others over the years--the adorable Tinkerbell and Kuchi, first Gypsy

Vanner born on U.S. soil--Panda was and has always been the crown jewel

of our stable.   Mother of WR Ranch's gorgeous mare Pie and spectacular Gypsy

Vanner stallion Tinker Toy, she is the foundation of WR Ranch's signature line

of Gypsy Vanners--the Panda Rose line, an offshoot of the famed Rose

line.   And, in 2004, our adventure came full circle.   In a curious

twist of fate, we were able to acquire Esmeralda (2004) and Jasmine (2007)

the two whostarted us on it.   We invite you to share this wonderful adventure

with us and discover the Gypsy Vanner Horse!

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